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The Project

dubsado REVAMP

The Challenges + Goals

Here's what Emily had to say about what she was struggling with before working together:

I was currently using Dubsado and felt like I had pretty good systems but my project management was lacking hard core. I need something to help me moving in the right direction,  elevate my client experience and start growing my team but didn't have the bandwidth to get in the weeds of making systems and templates and wanted some expertise in that lane.

I was constantly in the weeds of my business - I had 1023829 to-do lists and nothing was getting accomplished. It was SO stressful to think about my client load + what I needed to accomplish. Everything lived in my brain and I had no space to live. I was constantly stressing about the thing that needed to be done and everything was falling through the cracks. I was missing important steps of my client work and it felt horrible.

The Work

I created form designs using CSS snippets to bring in some customization including her fonts and improved her proposal outline to include content to convert more leads into clients, canned emails personalized with her brand voice throughout her entire process, package templates and payment schedules to get paid on time every time, appointment schedulers to make scheduling meetings effortless, and thoughtful automated workflows for ALLL of her services including brand, web, packaging design, SEO, and intensives. 

I setup her hierarchy to include an HQ space for her internal business tasks and resources, a built out onboarding and management space for easily bringing on new team members, a Client space for all of her projects with templates to duplicate with each client, a Marketing space to hold her content library. I also created Dashboards for her to easily see items throughout her workspace from a bird's eye view including a CEO Weekly Overview, a Client Dashboard that she could invite clients into to oversee project progress. 

The Transformation

Here's what Emily had to say after her experience:

My productivity has improved 100x! Walking through everything on our Strategy Session was enlightening and felt really empowering. By the time we wrapped up, I had more clients on and felt WAY more at ease. I knew I had my shit in check and my systems were running for me. Tasks that used to take a few hours were done for me at the click of a button and that was a life changer - not only in my work life, but it made my work/life balance way better! I love being able to provide my clients with an organized system to work together. I always felt like I was going back 100 times to ask for additional items, but now it is organized and flows SO much better.

If you want to get your life in check and feel like your business can run without stressing over EVERY. LITTLE. THING - then you need Angela! 100% changed my business and allowed me to put the focus back on client experience vs. just trying to stay above water with each client. She is amazing, the most organized person I know, always available to help, and worth every penny and more! I am so happy we were able to work together. I want to hire her for my personal life too now haha!

Emily Allen, Founder

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