The Project


The Challenges + Goals

Vanessa came to me using Basecamp with her team but also was using Notion, Google Docs + Sheets, SmartSheet, amongst other tools to achieve everything needed within her growing company. They were managing multiple clients and a robust contractor pool that needed high level visibility on what contractors were in the lineup or working on and when to assess their availability and capacity for other projects. They also had an extensive marketing need in that they were hosting weekly podcasts, two different channels for their services and education platforms for YouTube and social media, and hosting a yearly virtual conference. 

Here's what Vanessa had to say about what she and her team were struggling with before working together:

We were using several different applications and programs for each field in the business. Having to keep track of what was saved where and who had access to what was frustrating. 

The Work

I setup her hierarchy to include an HQ space for her internal business tasks and resources, goals and planning for their leadership team, a built out onboarding and management space for easily bringing on new team members and contractor pool, with an extremely robust project pipeline overview, a Client space for all of their projects with templates to duplicate with each client, a Marketing space to hold her content library for all the different channels they were currently publishing to with automations to make repurposing effortless as well as manage all of their PR outreach, event attendance, and speaking engagements, also a template of the project, speaker and sponsor management tasks for their very own annual virtual conference.

I also created Dashboards for her to easily see items throughout her workspace from a bird's eye view including a leadership overview for goals, upcoming tasks and events with meeting notes, a Client Dashboard that she could invite clients into to oversee project progress, a contractor dashboard to manage project pipelines and management, a leads and clients dashboard for potential and won sales and project pipelines, as well as a marketing overview dashboard with upcoming events, their content library to easily plan their quarter. 

The Transformation

Here's what Vanessa had to say after her experience:

Angela sees the big picture and was able to see all my wants for the company, took all my concerns into consideration, and laid everything out in a neat yet beautiful format that is easy to use and catered to my business. 

The trainings and videos provided were helpful. I appreciated the individual training tasks you gave my team to better understand and succeed in the program. When questions appeared you answered them quickly and thoroughly.

Having everything under one roof with full visibility of what my contractors and clients see is the perfect alleviator of stress I needed!

Vanessa Alzate, Founder

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