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The Project


The Challenges + Goals

Here's what Chloe had to say about what she was struggling with before working together:

I'm someone who is super obsessed with systems and organization. I absolutely adore ClickUp, but feel like I don't use it NEARLY as much as it can be used. I wish it was more organized -- i.e. set up to organize all of my projects, better for my employees, etc.

Before working with Angela, I was balancing an unorganized back-end of my business along with growth. These two factors never coincide together, thus, I needed to make a change. My organization is something I take a lot of pride in and I wanted to make sure my employees all felt taken care of and within a nice, professional and organized business.

The Work

I setup her hierarchy to include an HQ space for her internal business tasks and resources, a built out onboarding and management space for easily bringing on new team members as she grows, a Client space for all of her projects with templates to duplicate with each client and know which designer was working with what client, a Marketing space to hold her content library and utilize as they grew into offering social media management for other clients.

I also created Dashboards for her to easily see items throughout her workspace from a bird's eye view including a CEO Weekly Overview to stay focused, a Client Dashboard that she could invite clients into to oversee project progress and have access to resources and be able to chat together, and a Team Dashboard so that everyone could see any overdue or upcoming tasks, the project statuses on all projects, upcoming events and more.

The Transformation

Here's what Chloe had to say after her experience:

Immediately upon completion of my project with Angela, I internally felt more calm and at rest with how the back-end of my business was set-up. I felt that I was taking care of my clients by having a more straight-forward and organized approach and giving them a better experience.

My favorite part of this whole experience was getting on the hour-long walkthrough call with Angela as we dove deep into what my ClickUp already was, and figured out ways we could use what I had in order to improve. There were things that I had no idea how to do, but after explaining it with Angela, she knew the next steps immediately.

I get and fully understand the frustration of lack of organization in your business' backend. It doesn't have to be this way – Angela can swoop right in and do her magic and set your business up for success!

Since then, I've even had a few people ask where my ClickUp organization came from, and I've of course referred them to Angela for that! 

Chloe Thomas, Founder

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