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The Project

Search & Grow template customization DUBSADO FORM DESIGN

The Challenges + Goals

Here's what Jess had to say about what she was struggling with before working together:

I was doing what any new business owner was doing, paddling like crazy trying to keep up with my ever-growing to-do's while also working a 9-5 and feeling a bit all over the place. I had my processes in my head but that was it. Especially knowing that I could be providing a better experience for my clients. I was doing everything manually and piece-mealing things together.I'd be copying and pasting email templates from one project to another, sending reminder emails manually, and sometimes just doing things on the fly. I knew something had to change if I wanted to grow. Despite being someone tech-savvy and telling myself "I'll get to it", the task of setting up workflows fell further and further down my list of priorities.

The Work

Jess was currently using Dubsado, but I came in and did a thorough audit of everything and updated to match her new upcoming rebrand. I customized the CSS form template that were purchased via Search & Grow, personalized all of her canned emails with her brand voice throughout her entire process to easily customize when necessary to give thoughtful notes, package templates and payment schedules to get paid on time every time, appointment schedulers to make scheduling meetings effortless, and thoughtful automated workflows for her signature services including brand and web design. 

The Transformation

Here's what Jess had to say after her experience:

It has already been SAVING ME TIME!!! That's priceless. You were able to simplify my day-to-day operations and refine my client experience like no other. You understood my business, industry, and vision effortlessly - So THANK YOU for elevating my business and saving me time (and headaches). I am now feeling more excited to work in Dubsado knowing that everything is in tip-top shape.

Your process was easy, breezy! You answered all of my questions quickly and were always open, transparent. I really liked that you would be collaborating with me "real-time" and coming up with alternative solutions and/or suggestions. You have a knack for asking the right questions and are so detailed oriented!!! You were also flexible with me in adjusting or updating things. I appreciated your in-depth tutorial videos, and testing steps, they were helpful to refer to and you explain everything very easily. And once I started actually going in to test a workflow, it all made sense for me.

I never felt judged, rushed, or confused about the project. I honestly felt that you had my best interest in mind and were able to create a workflow that was a reflection of MY business! overall it was a lot of fun working with you and your flexibility was something I REALLY am grateful for. And taking the time to send me tips or articles was also something that was so thoughtful! And also SUCH a pleasure to work with - kind, passionate, driven, and flexible. 

Rather than stumble your way through Dubsado, trying to figure out how to set up a workflow off the side of your desk while wearing 13 other hats, or trying to piecemeal everything together.. give yourself the priceless gift of time and HIRE ANGELA!!!! If you are craving consistency in how you work with clients and are wanting to save time on mundane administrative tasks to focus your time on doing what ACTUALLY lights you up - she is your girl! Thank you for your guidance, Angela, and for helping me deliver a better experience to my clients.

Jess Poon, Founder

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