The Project


The Challenges + Goals

Here's what Meg had to say about what she was struggling with before working together:

We were really just in survival mode. We had so many inquires coming in and so many projects on our calendar — but our systems weren't in a place to support the amount of work we were having. It was overwhelming, exhausting and really quite stressful trying to keep everything on track, in order and professional.

The Work

Meg was currently using Dubsado, but I came in and did a thorough audit of everything and updated to match her new upcoming rebrand. I created form designs using CSS snippets to bring in some customization including her fonts and showcasing her portfolio, personalized all of her canned emails with her brand voice throughout her entire process to easily customize when necessary to give thoughtful notes, package templates and payment schedules to get paid on time every time, appointment schedulers to make scheduling meetings effortless, and thoughtful automated workflows for her signature services including brand and web design, semi-custom brand and Tonic Site Shop website template customization, VIP days, and SEO services. 

The Transformation

Here's what Meg had to say after her experience:

We know that this will not only save us a massive amount of time and multiple headaches, but also provide the type of client experience we want to be known for — one that's organized, efficient, communicative and makes the client feel cared for every step of the process.

You provided so much helpful content prior to us even hiring you via your IG page and we LOVE hiring 'within' our own community of followers — so it was a total win from the start. However, it was your personality, expertise, genuine attitude and promptness once we sent in our initial inquiry that made us 100% confident in our decision to work with you. You dealt with any objection we may have had on our call and it was really helpful. We knew that what you were going to be able to do for us was going to completely change the game for us and we were sold!

Your process was so well organized, totally efficient and easy. You were so patient with us as we talked through problem areas in our business. I think that was, ultimately, so kind of you ... and helped establish trust in the sense that we knew you understood where we were at and where we wanted to be. The videos were SO helpful ... especially as we can now share them with anyone on our team in the future who may need to know the ins and outs. You over-delivered in this department for sure!

Our favorite part of the experience was YOU! Seriously, we feel like we gained a new friend in the process and hope we can meet up for coffee one day IRL. You were amazing to work with for so many reasons and we hope you know how much we appreciate you stepping in on our tight deadline, doing extraordinary work for us ... all while pregnant! It amazed us!

Not only for her expertise, but her warm and engaging personality. Not only will she save you time, ease your stress, open more mental space and help to create a better client experience overall — you'll find in the end, a supportive friend who is 100% committed to your success!

Meg Stefan, Founder

Ready for your transformation?

Welcome, friend! Between now & March 31 — enjoy these goodies!